From an interview with Joss Whedon on Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review, BBC Radio 5 Live, Friday 14 June 2013.

SIMON MAYO: We were talking about work ethic just before the news and sport, because everyone in comparison with your output Joss, and your work ethic, would appear to be slack and lazy, because, y’know, people work very hard in life and they get their pay but you seem to be working like a hundred times harder than anybody else.

JOSS WHEDON: Well, um, part of that is smoke and mirrors I think, but part of it is that I, I… do love the work and also I have a problem, serious mental problems, workaholism and it’s not fun.  I don’t do anything else.  Other people have lives and they’re nice to their friends and do all sorts of things that I forget to do in the morning.  Also basic hygiene but let’s not talk about that.

MARK KERMODE: Do you genuinely not switch off?  You’re not – you can’t stop?

JW: Um, every now and then I’ll take a few hours and go, ‘I’m not gonna have a purpose for what I’m gonna do next, maybe I’ll go for a walk; that was fun, and I had an idea for a new movie during it.’  Um, no I can’t, I really can’t turn it off.  I can’t sleep very well, not out of anxiety so much as just sort of anticipation of the next thing I want to do.

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